Accelerating Data Lake Implementations

Organizations are addressing their big data and modernization needs with data lakes, which have become an important component for an enterprise information management strategy and architecture. As a repository for raw digital data in its native format that is either structured, semi-structured or unstructured, data lakes are often utilized for offloading historical data from operational […]

1st Principle of Modern Data Integration

This post is the first of five that are dedicated towards explaining the principles of modern data integration, which is an optimal approach towards addressing modern and big data needs. The principles of modern data integration were created out of the challenges of working with traditional data integration technologies,which are architected and designed to extract data […]

Modern Data Integration Capabilities

Data complexity has dramatically increased over the last several years due the increased number of data sources, new data types, greater locations where the data resides, and increased volumes of data being generated.  Welcome to the era of modern data…not just big data.  Organizations have to wrangle modern data in order to have greater visibility […]

Beyond Data Modernization

The world’s data now doubles in volume every two years! We’re all living in a data-governed age where business doesn’t just run on data, business is data. Fueled mainly by factors like the rapid growth of worldwide web, e-commerce, the mobile revolution, the rapid growth of social networks, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) among others. In this […]

Big Data and Healthcare

With umpteen amounts of scattered data in cloud and varied premises, healthcare systems have a tough time in good clinical data management. Millions of dollars are spent on an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system to solve cluttered data crisis and improve patient care. EMR holds important data about every patient but the challenge is in […]