Diyotta Data Integration Suite


Since the introduction of MPP data warehouse appliances such as Netezza and Teradata the data warehouse industry has rapidly moved to high-performance, high-volume operations using in-database analytics, transformations and processing. The move to Hadoop is also creating new challenges in data integration.


The Diyotta Data Integration Suite gives you a manageable completely-metadata driven and easily adaptable technology platform designed to complement and leverage these platforms to move to meet your ELT-based data integration needs.


Diyotta is an innovative and revolutionary platform purpose-built to leverage your massively parallel processing and large-scale distributed computing environments to effectively and efficiently manage your big data integration needs. Diyotta delivers a unique approach to defining and running data transformation and integration processes, resulting in faster and simpler development and maintenance.


Diyotta not only guarantees the highest level of performance possible for the execution of data transformation and validation processes but is also the most cost-effective solution available.


The Suite consists of 5 major modules to support the design, development, management, monitoring and administration of data integration across your enterprise. With our unique metadata management capabilities you can track data lineage end to end as well as perform full impact analysis from source to target.



Diyotta Studio : 

Designer :

• GUI collaborative development environment with check-out/check-in facility
• Smart expression editor for all MPP native row level and analytical functions
• Re-usable designs and parameterization
• Multiple transformations including joins, rollup, filter, splitter, union, and minus
• Supports different data load types: Insert, update, upsert, SCD Type2, delete



• Break points at all logical units
• Ability to resume and start debug from break point
• Allows viewing the SQL and Log on each logical unit/Break point level
• Allows viewing the processed data on each logical unit/Break point level
• Complete runtime statistics: start and end time, # of records processed

Diyotta Admin:

• Administration on projects, users, hosts and licenses
• Role based security to manage projects in multi-team environment
• Extends flexibility to monitor user work and server logs
• Connectors to integrate source and target systems
• Application configuration management

Diyotta Scheduler :

• Allows scheduling both Streams and external programs/scripts
• Supports file event & task dependencies
• E-mail notifications
• Re-usable calendars
• Stop, Abort and Resume capabilities

Diyotta Metaview :

• Allows users to view Diyotta metadata
• Comprehensive data lineage with ELT rules
• Forward and Backward data lineage at entity and attribute level
• Impact analysis on change requests
• Downloadable impact analysis reports

Diyotta Monitor :

• Rich & Intuitive GUI
• Easy-to-use developer-friendly navigation
• Allows users to monitor execution of streams and jobs
• Job/Stream re-start capabilities
• Holistic view of operational statistics

The Diyotta Data Integration Suite is available as either a virtual or physical appliance.

The virtual appliance consists of a reference architecture for your Diyotta server and our software distribution including the Diyotta Data Integration Suite, metadata database and other utilities. You install this distribution on your server built from the reference architecture.

The physical appliance consists of a prebuilt and preconfigured server along with all the software required to run the solution including the Diyotta Data Integration Suite, the OS, the metadata database and other utilities.