Diyotta is leapfrogging conventional ETL tools by giving you the ability to readily integrate data  across your enterprise friction-free, delivering high value information where it’s needed most to rapidly enable critical insights for strategic and competitive advantage with significantly less cost, effort and delays than ever before.


The Diyotta Data Integration Suite is an innovative and revolutionary data integration platform purpose-built for Massively Parallel Processing Data Warehouse appliances and distributed processing platforms such as Netezza, Teradata or Hadoop, allowing you to fully leverage the power of these systems with true in-the-box processing, giving you vast performance gains in your data integration activities.


Frictionless and readily scalable, Diyotta gives you the nimbleness and agility to meet the needs of your data management, reporting and analytic requirements with a cost-effective, easily manageable and maintainable integrated develop environment and operational platform.


Our browser-based client speeds deployments, reduces administrative and operational overhead, and provides a central support point for the overall solution, providing maximum ROI for your analytic environment.


Diyotta Data Integration Suite Logical Architecture

                   Diyotta Data Integration Suite Logical Architecture


Fast and Powerful

By taking advantage of the processing power of massively parallel and distributed computing systems for data transformations and aggregations you can significantly reduce data latency, dramatically accelerating time to insight. Our customers have reduced data availability from hours to minutes with our frictionless approach to data integration.


Low Cost

Through maximizing your investment in these parallel processing environments you can significantly reduce the costs and complexity of conventional ETL platforms that are not optimized for your Big Data platforms. With our single price value-based licensing model and minimal hardware requirements, Diyotta is a fraction of the cost of legacy ETL tools.


Easy to Use

Our intuitive, graphical, collaborative, and metadata-driven unified development environment increases productivity, reusability, and trustability of your data integration processes. Our sophisticated orchestration of your data streams makes it a snap to run.


Eliminates Doubt

End to end data lineage maintains the heritage and veracity of your data – you know where it came from, what you did to it along the way, and where it ended up. This is key to regulatory compliance and impact analysis. Financial Services firms for example need to be able to provide access to data that is trustworthy, relevant and high quality, otherwise they can face large penalties from regulators.


Nothing Like It!

Beyond Diyotta, no truly full-featured ELT tool purpose-built for MPP exist on the market today. With 100% SQL pushdown and end-to-end data lineage combined with our comprehensive, simplified and intuitive GUI-based ELT, administrative, scheduling and monitoring tools, you can finally  fully leverage the power of your Data Warehouse systems like Netezza, Teradata or Hadoop using native in-the-box database processing.